Program Services
Project Safe Inc. offers comprehensive services in order to
reduce incidents of domestic violence and increase victims’
access to safety and justice. These services can be grouped
into four main areas: Prevention & Education, Crisis
Intervention, Ongoing Support and Systems Change.

Prevention & Education
CrossRoads (three part elementary school curriculum)
Professional In-service Training
Community Education
Dating/Domestic Violence Education Programs (high school
and college classes)

Crisis Intervention
24-Hour Hotline
Emergency Shelter
Safety Planning
Legal & Social Service Advocacy
Emergency Financial Assistance

On Going Support
Follow-up Services (post shelter care and case management)
Transitional Housing Initiative (two year program including
housing, college tuition,childcare, transportation, health care
and case management)
Victim Liaison (outreach to partners of persons who’ve been
arrested for domestic violence or enrolled in Family Violence
Intervention Programs)
Community Support Groups (two general domestic violence, one
emotional abuse, one for child witnesses)
Individual Counseling (adults and adolescents–children are referred to
other clinicians)
Family Support Meetings (problem solving and conflict resolution
among extended family members)

Systems Change
Fatality Review (dedicated staff to review closed cases of
fatalities and implement recommendations for change to
prevent future fatalities)
FVIP Compliance Monitoring